Our vision

Our group is one of the leading neutral groups in Europe. Through the close interaction amongst the individual companies, we offer our customers a comprehensive and area-wide logistics portfolio.

Our core competencies are pooled in the following areas:

  • Inland Navigation
  • Projects
  • Intermodal
  • Port Logistics
  • Shipping & Barging
  • Short Sea

Sustainability and climate protection: our customers are impressed by our high quality, sustainable transport and logistics solutions with environmentally friendly transport carriers..

Secure future viability

Our group is one of Europe’s leading logistics specialists. Within our group we have an obligation to our joint vision and fundamental values and principles. These form the orientation framework for our thought and action.

Pioneer with tradition: As a proven expert in logistics since 1887, we always think a step ahead. “Tradition and Innovation” is our maxim. Customer orientation: Our customer’s wishes are at the centre of all we do. All our thought and action is aimed at getting our customers interested in a long term and trusting partnership. Respect: Our corporate culture is defined by a respectful cooperation amongst ourselves. Our employees feel valued and are distinguished by their exceptional commitment and loyalty to the company. High standards: As a company group we are aware of our responsibility. We measure our services by the highest quality standards which we are permanently developing. Success through safety: Our occupational safety system is proven and has been thoroughly tested. It is the basis of all our doing and the foundation of all our action.
Trust:  A trusting and responsible cooperation amongst ourselves and with our customers defines our work. Trust within the company as well as externally lives off continuous evidence of this. We prove this anew every day. Customer orientation: Our customer’s wishes and needs are something we take very seriously. We always go one step further and impress our customers with our commitment – and the fact that we are on their wavelength. Geared to success: To remain on the winning track is something which motivates us from within and we always share our success with our employees and stakeholders. Quality awareness: We offer an outstanding service portfolio to meet the requirements of the markets and commodity flow. We know that our customers determine the quality which is why we are in an ongoing dialogue with them. Sense of togetherness: We operate together in our group and view ourselves as a “high performance” team. Team spirit and a strong sense of togetherness distinguishes us. Ability to work in a team: We are a well-rehearsed team which has grown and developed over many years. New team members always feel our enthusiasm. Passion: Our passion for what we do is an important driving force of our work. Our customers and partners feel this “spirit” in everything that we do. Loyalty: We stand by our company group and its philosophy, its management and the teams. We live a true sense of togetherness. Flexibility: We offer our customers services which are instantly accessible. Regular departures to many destinations are standard for us. Respect: We respect everyone in their uniqueness and individuality. Our employees are valued – as humans, as experts and as the carrier of our ideas. Tolerance: We also allow other convictions and methods to apply which may differ to our own – we also respect opinions which are different and live this in the team. Expertise: We know what we are doing and have done so since 1887! We represent perfect logistics in all its aspects and services.