We produce our logistics services ourselves – and thus have full access to our extensive transport capacities. This benefits our customers through high availability, enormous transport security and favourable prices. All services are available for export and import. Three departures per week by inland waterway to Antwerp and Rotterdam form the basis, which can be supplemented if necessary. Take advantage of our premium rail service with very reliable transit times, also three times a week from Rotterdam via Kehl. 16 of our own trucks with almost 30 chassis take over the provision of containers at your loading points.

Transport of dangerous goods in containers

We can transport containers with the following dangerous goods classes via the Kehl terminal:

Class 2 – except subclass 2.3 (subclass toxic gas) and UN1017

Class 3

Classes 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

Class 5.1, 5.2

Class 8 – except UN1744

Class 9

Dangerous goods with several hazards may only have the above classes as main and subsidiary hazards. Class 6, for example, is therefore excluded as a subsidiary hazard.

Intermediate storage or transhipment for transport purposes is possible. The maximum length of stay at the terminal is 48 hours. It is even better to clock the delivery/delivery in such a way that only a stay of 24 hours is required.  


In order to be able to guarantee you a reliable and safe transport process, we need your support.

Written information is absolutely necessary to ensure that all information is correctly recorded and that safe transport can be carried out.

This includes, among other things, a transport document or IMO declaration and the container number.

The containers must be marked in accordance with the regulations. If there are special instructions for the carrier, these must also be announced.

Otherwise, we refer you to the currently valid legal principles of the ADR, RID, ADN or IMDG Code, which must be observed.

For further information, please contact your dangerous goods officer or your authorised representative.